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ICO Tokyo Finance and Mortgage Convention.

The finance industry has definitely taken professionalism to a whole new level with the first ever ICO Tokyo Finance and Mortgage Convention. Witness a gathering of finance experts whose expertise cover the whole spectrum of financial products available on the market today, including loans, reverse mortgages, among others.

We are pleased to announce the roster of keynote speakers at the convention, who will share with participants the latest trends in loans and reverse mortgages, as well as key challenges to the advancement of the industry. In the roster of  speakers are formidable forces in the industry, including: 

Hanson Baxter  
Known for his biting wit, candid opinions and charismatic personality, Hanson Baxter hosts the radio talk show called “Late Night Finance With The Baxter”, which is a nationally radio talk show with millions of followers across the United States. Baxter business life is well planted in the reverse mortgage industry. The TV version of the show will find its way to cable TV in early 2009. 

Anthony Harper  
Anthony Harper 20 years experience in financial planning and is author of two bestselling books “Chicken Soup For The Broke Soul” and “Reverse Mortgages For The Dumb And The Dumber”. As author, resource speaker and former manager at Table for Six (table for six linkedin), Harper focuses on everyday and doable solutions to today's financial problems, whether they are experienced by big companies or by the average Joe.  
Come join in the discussion on the following topics during the convention:  


  • FHA Home Loans
  • FHA Refinance Loans
  • Purchase Home Loan
  • Refinance Home Loan  


  • How banks can prevent bank runs by limiting the number of mortgage issued every year
  • Policing the ranks of loan officers for less greed
  • Stemming the growth of interest rates worldwide  


  • Expanding reverse mortgages to middle-aged, middle income families
  • Lobbying with congress for increasing the loan limits of HECM reverse mortgages per county
  • Mechanics behind the average reverse mortgage calculator
  • Standardization of private reverse mortgages  



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